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Multi-talented “Skinny Fabulous”

Multi-talented “Skinny Fabulous” more than just a soca artiste


Gamal “Skinny Fabulous” Doyle is one of the most decorated artistes out of St. Vincent having secured wins in both their Ragga and Power Soca Competitions. However, he is so much more than just a soca artiste. There are so much sides to this artistes than what meets the eye. First and foremost he is an academic having graduated from the University of the West Indies with a degree in Media and Communications. This experience is obvious when you sit to chat with him as he is so clearly well-read. He is truly engaging and entertaining and has a way of expressing himself that paints a vivid visual.

This trait is what makes him a successful writer. He has penned some of his own biggest tracks which include “Charge Up”, “Behaving the Worst” and this year he also wrote “Godzilla” and “Pompous”.

Skinny is a firm believer in the development of youth and wrote the winning entry in his country’s junior monarch competition. On her win he said “We Stay Winning,” as he extended congratulations to the young singer Kristiana Christopher aka Singing Kristy. The artiste believes that the “youths are the future, let’s invest”.

While he took a step back from all competitions this year to make room for new blood, he has also been working closely with new Power Soca Monarch, Hypa 4000. He was full of praises for him and said he was “happy to have supported an artiste that was humble enough to put his ego aside and show a willingness to listen and apply. Win, lose or draw I am proud of him and his growth. With that said, big up Hypa 4000”.


The soca star has even written for the region’s biggest superstar Machel Montano. He wrote “Happiest Man Alive”. In fact, he and Machel have been working closely together. One of Skinny’s Facebook fans Sharon Jones had this to say after a recent performance at the PlayStation Theatre in New York, “To witness how a crowd of primarily Trinidadians embraced and appreciated our Soca Star and to listen to Machel publicly speak about Skinny’s intelligence and thank him for writing some of his songs, gave me goosebumps. I screamed with pride – those folks around me knew I was a Vincy to meh marrow.” The occasion was the premier of Montano’s new movie “Bazodee” at Times Square.

Skinny is also an entrepreneur and operates a toy shop in his native land. He also has a mascot company where he rents out the costumes locally and regionally. The multifaceted artiste also has a section in Candy Mas for this year’s Notting Hill Carnival.


Another cap he often dons is that of a promoter. He stages a massive annual children’s event at Victoria Park in St. Vincent and conducts a talent search amongst the youngsters. Black Rave is another Skinny Fabulous production which features a large cast of artistes and has received fantastic reviews. Skinny revealed that he will be taking the concept to Toronto soon. He is currently planning a Costume Party and the business-minded singer is also actively sourcing costumes for his patrons for the event. He indicated, “I’m throwing my first Boat Ride ever and I’m doing it in NY the day after Vincy Day.”

Doyle is extremely active on social media and always posts footage or pictures of his regional and international travels. From his exploits of ‘jab jab’ in Grenada to his recent performance at the One Love Concert alongside Machel in Barbados his fans are always kept abreast of what is new with the performer.

The one role that he cherishes the most is that of father. He is very involved in the life of his daughter Xia. In one post he even revealed the challenges he faces by being on the road so regularly. “Facetime is cool, but I can’t wait to get some actual Face time.”

Skinny Fabulous has been doing big things in the soca arena and has earned a coveted place on the always eagerly anticipated VP Records’ Soca Gold 2016 Compilation Album.

He has high aspirations and realises he has not reached his pinnacle yet. (ST)


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